Our story

As fly fishing clubs go, the genesis of the Santa Clarita Casting Club is probably fairly common. A couple of enthusiasts with an idea, a passion, and some vision get together and decide to form an association – a club – for like-minded fishing enthusiasts with the same vision, passion and enthusiasm. Fine, so far. But what sets the Santa Clarita Casting club apart from most other casting clubs is the founding members’ desire to offer a local club to fly fishers who have not previously belonged to a casting club. When combined with the seeming paradox, that most of the original board members are, or have been, members of the renowned and wanted to replicate that rewarding experience, but in Santa Clarita, it makes for a dynamic and growing club.

Of all the ways to begin a casting club, this one may combine the most unexpected mix of ingredients, coincidence and fate. It all began with a former Long Beach Casting Club president who had a desire to start a club in the Santa Clarita Valley. She met another fly fishing enthusiast, albeit a novice fly fisher, over a copy of California Fly Fisher magazine while riding the Metrolink to Los Angeles. He shared his concern that there was no club in a valley of over 165,000 residents – a city right on the way to Mammoth, no less. They began to scheme.

Later, this same former club president met a resident fly fisher from the Santa Clarita Valley at a friend’s birthday part in Auburn, CA. She let him in on her newly-hatched scheme for a casting club, to which he agreed to join the effort.

Soon thereafter, the roving former club president and schemer of new clubs shared her vision, and that of her two new-founded co-conspirators, with a self proclaimed trout bum and certified casting instructor living in Santa Clarita and viola, the humble makings of a club were in motion. The final “ingredient” was the inclusion of a software salesman- turned-trout-addict-fly-fishing-novice and you had a five-member club, not bad for the once, but not for long former club president.

That was in September 2004. Now, a short time later, the Santa Clarita Casting Club boasts over 20 members and growing with an expanded vision for a clubhouse, casting pond, trophy case, and year round community instruction.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this growing club with its quirky beginnings and promising future?

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